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Data Mobility Understanding

Mobility is about convenience and empowerment, and it is a commodity to be used rather than something to be owned. Making mobility convenient will depend on how well companies work together and manage and share data within mobility ecosystems.

Data is fundamental to realizing mobility as a service — providing travelers convenient means of discovering, accessing, and paying for mobility services. Mobility Data improves data formats that make useful apps possible.

The transformation of mobile and digital is causing a shift in managing experiences with customers. The possibility to isolate brand experiences is changing because digital devices become smarter and can orchestrate content more intelligently. Customers also expect seamless experiences across channels and devices.

Data without walls

Our technology allows the full mobility tracking overview of an SDK user for both indoor and outdoor environment. Thanks to our SDK integrated in many mobile applications our technology has the ability to compile and enrich different types of large datasets such as GPS data, transactional data, sociodemographic data, foot-track or points of sale data, to be used for deep geospatial analysis. The information is then displayed on a simple and map-centric interface platform and data tables which allows users to visually conceptualize the factors that affect the performance of their businesses in various locations.

Whether it’s opening, closing, repurposing or relocation – let Location Intelligence power your gravity modelling. Create a profitable offline footprint which makes sense for your customers – using data to find the perfect balance between e-commerce and brick and mortar.