–  Collect millions of mobility data points per day with a simple SDK integration in your Android or iOS app

–  We help you correctly deliver a fully integrated experience from start to finish.

–  With myanalytics you will fully understand the consumer-driven profile and make informed business decisions based on real time data.

–  Connect our API to complement your own data warehouse with our physical data

Increase your income: optimize yourproducts and services by analyzing yourcustomers mobility habits.


A heatmap is a graphical representation of your data that uses a system of color-coding to represent the amount of SDK users there are in a specific area . Heatmaps show the users’ behaviour of a specific mobile app.

Mobility Zone

A complete overview of the routes including not just a geospatial context, but also a user’s mobility mode, whether this means to be walking, take a subway line or driving a car.

Zone Events

Our SDK provide us information about where the users are and where they’re going. This allows us to provide our clients with context-rich information. It can also deliver valuable time-sensitive and location- specific alerts and information.

User Events

Knowledge of transports, routes, status, or frequent places visited of a unique and detailed user are some of the information that our technology is able to easily extract to create a profitable offline footprint which makes sense for your customers, using data to find the perfect product and service.

Transport Mode

Looking into new business models of mobility like car sharing, ridesharing, ride hailing, there are additional parts added to the traditional value chain for just public transports and private cars. The combination of both, user status and route data, give our clients the capability of better understanding the behavior of the SDK users.