Parkifast is a
Spanish start-up focused on understanding the mobility of the cities.

Our team is formed by tech, data and business people with the challenge to offer the best city experiences for its citizens and tourists.

To achieve our goals, we offer a B2C solution called Parkifast App, a mobile application with a variety of features such as: street parking, pollution protocol alerts, fuel prices comparator, find my car, and many more coming.

As part of our B2B solutions, we offer different data-based solutions like Parkifast Analytics, Parkifast Insights and ParkiFaaS.


Parkifast APP is
a mobile application, created to build a distributed network of suppliers of mobility data.

Through Big Data analysis, we transform the information into useful tools that we offer to our users.

Some of the solutions are:

  • On-street parking service
  • Pollution protocol alerts
  • A fuel prices comparator
  • Find my car

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Meet the team!!

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Jose Carlos Montero
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Alberto Rodríguez
Full-stack developer
Marcos Bau
Full-stack developer
Carlos Aguilar
Front-end developer
Igor Klosinski